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– This is mainly a discussion group, not a compilation of ads, job searches and shared articles.
– You must be a member to ask and/or respond to a question
– DO NOT post ads, links, email, direct or indirect promotional message … Or you will be removed.
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—– Contribution Tips —-

# Contribute. It is the relevance of your questions and answers that will improve the quality of our threads. Educate others as you learn from them

# Writing Advice:
– Clarify the context; the participants are of varied areas, vocabulary and practices can differ.
– No title with all caps; don’t shout.
– Be courteous. If your perspective is different, this is not an excuse to be rude or disrespectful.

#Vote: Let others know what has worked and has not

Selling is largely an art, not science; therefore do not be discouraged if your contribution is not voted with a landslide win. If it works for you keep using it; not all pollen lands on the intended flower. Some of it falls to the ground and gets blown with the wind-ultimately though it will benefit another.

—- Thank you again —- Have fun as you educate others and you learn from them

It is the diversity and the collective skills of our members that will be the main engine of our success. Do you enjoy this group? Do you think it’s a good idea? Invite your more smart and progressive friends to join us!